Main CharactersEdit

CharacterFolder NameType
Sonic the HedgehogSonicSpeed
Miles "Tails" ProwerTailsFly
Knuckles the EchidnaKnucklesPower
Amy RoseAmySpeed
Shadow the HedgehogShadowSpeed
Rouge the BatRougeSpeed
Cream the RabbitCreamFly
Blaze the CatBlazeSpeed
Silver the HedgehogSilverFly
E-123 OmegaOmegaPower
Espio the ChameleonEspioSpeed
Charmy the BeeCharmyFly
Vector the CrocodileVectorPower
Big the CatBigPower
Metal SonicMetalSonicSpeed
Jet the HawkJetSpeed
Wave the SwallowWaveFly
Storm the AlbatrossStormPower
Sarah FraustoSarahNone
Mighty the ArmadilloMightyPower
Dirk the HuskyDirkSpeed
Chaos 0ChaosSpeed
Tikal the EchidnaTikalPower
Crystal the HedgehogCrystalSpeed
Angela the HedgehogAngelaSpeed
Soni the HedgehogSoniSpeed
Dr. EggmanEggmanNone
DR. Rosanik the hidgehugRosanikSpeed
Chip the GaiaChipSpeed
Ryan DrummondRyanSpeed
Sanics the HegjekogSanicsSpeed
Cedric the HegjekogCedricSpeed
LS5 Engine 1 SonicLS5E1SonicSpeed
LS5 Engine 2 SonicLS5E2SonicSpeed
LS5 Engine 2 TailsLS5E2TailsFly
LS5 Engine 2 KnucklesLS5E2KnucklesPower