CharacterAge When Not Wearing ThemAge When Wearing Them
Sonic the Hedgehog156
Miles "Tails" Prower86
Knuckles the Echidna166
Amy Rose126
Shadow the Hedgehog?Unavailable
Rouge the Bat18Unavailable
Cream the Rabbit66
Blaze the Cat146
Silver the Hedgehog146
E-123 Omega?Unavailable
Espio the Chameleon16Unavailable
Charmy the Bee6Unavailable
Vector the Crocodile20Unavailable
Big the Cat18Unavailable
Metal Sonic?Unavailable
Jet the Hawk14Unavailable
Wave the Swallow18Unavailable
Storm the Albatross19Unavailable
Sarah Frausto in Blue Jeans77
Mighty the Armadillo166
Ray the Squirrel156
Chaos 0?Unavailable
Tikal the Echidna4000Unavailable
Nack the Weasel15Unavailable
Bean the Dynamite15Unavailable
Bark the Polar Bear17Unavailable
Tiara the Manx156
Crystal the Hedgehog106
Angela the Hedgehog55
??? the Hedgehog55
Dr. Eggman?Unavailable
DR. Rosanik the hidgehug?Unavailable
Chip the Gaia?Unavailable
Ryan Drummond42Ryan's Too Big for Those Jeans
Sanics the Hegjekog156
Cedric the Hegjekog156
LS5 Engine 1 Sonic156
LS5 Engine 2 Sonic156
LS5 Engine 2 Tails86
LS5 Engine 2 Knuckles166


CharacterGender When Not Wearing ThemGender When Wearing Them
Sonic the HedgehogMaleFemale
Miles "Tails" ProwerMaleFemale
Knuckles the EchidnaMaleFemale
Amy RoseFemaleFemale
Shadow the HedgehogMaleUnavailable
Rouge the BatFemaleFemale
Cream the RabbitFemaleFemale
Blaze the CatFemaleFemale
Silver the HedgehogMaleFemale
E-123 Omega?Unavailable
Espio the ChameleonMaleUnavailable
Charmy the BeeMaleUnavailable
Vector the CrocodileMaleUnavailable
Big the CatMaleUnavailable
Metal Sonic?Unavailable
Jet the HawkMaleUnavailable
Wave the SwallowFemaleUnavailable
Storm the AlbatrossMaleUnavailable
Sarah Frausto in Blue JeansFemaleFemale
Mighty the ArmadilloMaleFemale
Ray the SquirrelMaleFemale
Chaos 0MaleFemale
Tikal the EchidnaFemaleUnavailable
Nack the WeaselMaleUnavailable
Bean the DynamiteMaleUnavailable
Bark the Polar BearMaleUnavailable
Tiara the ManxFemaleFemale
Crystal the HedgehogFemaleFemale
Angela the HedgehogFemaleFemale
??? the HedgehogFemaleFemale
Dr. EggmanMaleUnavailable
DR. Rosanik the hidgehugMaleUnavailable
Chip the GaiaMaleUnavailable
Ryan DrummondMaleMale
Sanics the HegjekogMaleFemale
Cedric the HegjekogMaleFemale
LS5 Engine 1 SonicMaleFemale
LS5 Engine 2 SonicMaleFemale
LS5 Engine 2 TailsMaleFemale
LS5 Engine 2 KnucklesMaleFemale

Hair ColorEdit

CharacterHair Color When Not Wearing ThemHair Color When Wearing Them
Sonic the HedgehogBlueBrown
Miles "Tails" ProwerYellow-OrangeYellow-Orange
Knuckles the EchidnaRedRed-Orange
Amy RosePinkBrown
Shadow the HedgehogBlackUnavailable
Rouge the BatWhiteBrown
Cream the RabbitCreamCream
Blaze the CatPurpleBrown
Silver the HedgehogWhiteBrown
E-123 Omega?Unavailable
Espio the Chameleon?Unavailable
Charmy the BeeBlackUnavailable
Vector the Crocodile?Unavailable
Big the CatPurpleUnavailable
Metal Sonic?Unavailable
Jet the HawkGreenUnavailable
Wave the SwallowPurpleUnavailable
Storm the AlbatrossWhiteUnavailable
Sarah Frausto in Brown JeansBrownBrown
Mighty the ArmadilloBlackBrown
Ray the SquirrelYellow-OrangeBrown
Chaos 0?Unavailable
Tikal the EchidnaRed-OrangeUnavailable
Nack the WeaselPurpleUnavailable
Bean the DynamiteGreenUnavailable
Bark the Polar BearYellowUnavailable
Tiara the ManxOrangeBrown
Crystal the HedgehogWhiteWhite
Angela the HedgehogGreenBrown
??? the HedgehogBlueBrown
Dr. EggmanBrownUnavailable
DR. Rosanik the hidgehugBlueUnavailable
Chip the GaiaBrownUnavailable
Ryan DrummondBrownBrown
Sanics the HegjekogBlueBrown
Cedric the HegjekogBlueBrown
LS5 Engine 1 SonicBlueBrown
LS5 Engine 2 SonicBlueBrown
LS5 Engine 2 TailsOrangeOrange
LS5 Engine 2 KnucklesRedRed-Orange

Eye ColorEdit

CharacterEye Color When Not Wearing ThemEye Color When Wearing Them
Sonic the HedgehogGreenBlue
Miles "Tails" ProwerBlueBlue
Knuckles the EchidnaPurpleBlue
Amy RoseGreenBlue
Shadow the HedgehogRedUnavailable
Rouge the BatGreenBlue
Cream the RabbitBrownBrown
Blaze the CatYellowBlue
Silver the HedgehogYellowBlue
E-123 OmegaRedUnavailable
Espio the ChameleonYellowUnavailable
Charmy the BeeAmberUnavailable
Vector the CrocodileVermillionUnavailable
Big the CatYellowUnavailable
Metal SonicRedUnavailable
Jet the HawkBlueUnavailable
Wave the SwallowBlueUnavailable
Storm the AlbatrossBlueUnavailable
Sarah Frausto in Blue JeansBrownBrown
Mighty the ArmadilloBlueBlue
Ray the SquirrelBlueBlue
Chaos 0GreenUnavailable
Tikal the EchidnaBlueUnavailable
Nack the WeaselBlueUnavailable
Bean the DynamiteBlueUnavailable
Bark the Polar BearRedUnavailable
Tiara the ManxGreenBlue
Crystal the HedgehogBlueBlue
Angela the HedgehogGreenBlue
??? the HedgehogGreenBlue
Dr. EggmanBlueUnavailable
DR. Rosanik the hidgehugBlueUnavailable
Chip the GaiaYellowUnavailable
Ryan DrummondBlueBlue
Sanics the HegjekogGreenBlue
Cedric the HegjekogBlueBlue
LS5 Engine 1 SonicGreenBlue
LS5 Engine 2 SonicGreenBlue
LS5 Engine 2 TailsBlueBlue
LS5 Engine 2 KnucklesPurpleBlue